10 Jan Ways To Increase Blood Circulation

The ways to increase blood circulation might surprise you, it is vital for your overall health, as healthy blood flow helps transport nutrients and oxygen to your organs and removes wastes.
The process also aids in the healing of wounds and reduces the risk of infection.
While the state of your circulation and the health of your arteries are critical to your overall cardiovascular health and blood pressure, they’re all to often overlooked. But some simple diet choices can help improve your blood flow naturally.

Herbs Help Jump Start Circulation

A variety of herbs and herbal extracts have been shown to relieve occasional stagnation, or blood that’s not flowing properly.
Experiencing cold hands and feet, or pains in your legs or chest can be signs of a serious blood circulation problem.
But modern research has found that certain herbs can naturally help jump start your circulation…

  • basil,
  • saffron,
  • and garlic

These herbs can effectively support healthy circulation and help combat plaque build-up on the arterial walls.

Get Better Blood Flow With Fruits

Vitamin C is a natural blood thinner. As a result fruits high in this vital vitamin can help with blood flow, including…

  • citrus fruits,
  • kiwis,
  • strawberries,
  • and cantaloupes

Citrus fruits also contain bioflavonoids, which can help strengthen your capillaries.
Watermelon is rich in lycopene, which discourages the build-up of plaque in the arteries. Blackberries are also known to promote new blood cell formation and purify the blood.

No More Sticky Blood with Nuts And Seeds

Certain nuts and seeds, particularly pumpkin seeds, are high in Vitamin E, which may lower the stickiness of blood and therefore lower the likelihood of blood clot formation.
Pumpkin seeds are also a source of carnitine, which can support cardiovascular health and regulate inflammation responses.
Since the ways to increase blood circulation to the cardiovascular system is complex and influences all areas of the body, a protocol that embraces the concept of balance and total-body wellness (that is, not just treating single symptoms individually) is going to be your most effective solution. Choosing to make these foods a part of your regular diet is a great start.

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